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The GooDBarS featured on KFAI's Everything Minnesota Music - Wednesday 1/23/2019 6-7PM CST

The GooDBars are on Wednesday, 1/23/2019 on KFAI's, Everything Minnesota Music between 6-7PM CST.

From host Benjamin Raye.

"A ton of VARIETY of LOCAL music this week on Everything Minnesota Music: Tunes from Truth Before Treason, GB Leighton, Lady B (D Mill & Lady B), Darlene And The Boys, the GooDBarS, Kay Nygaard, Rubix (Peter Shu), The Killer Hayseeds (w Jillian Rae), Cabin of Love, Minnesota Menace, D-Sota, Plague of Stars, Robb Hayes Music, Jesse Lee (Leroy Smokes), The Hell Country Truckers, & spacemanIam. Listen starting tonight! Click the link below."

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